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    Health awareness becomes the trend at present. Good health depends on many causes, and the unavoidable one is sleeping. It is the best body recovery. It particularly stirs our interest as we believe the good quality of sleep benefits directly to health. More importantly, we give attention to environment alongside. Natural latex mattress and pillows will be the people’s priority choice for healthy and eco-friendly products for sleeping. Thailand is recognized for the biggest latex exporter. Natural latex can be processed for mattress and pillows with different forms according to the molds. The various forms are made suitable for distinctive usability. The products are available for users to choose according to their health problems or personal preference.      
    The latex mattress and pillows are preventive, the notable attribute, of the cause of disease - fomites, fungus, and bacteria. The products are designed for body figure support which allows the full amount of sleep. They absorb humidity and ventilate. They are perfect for snoring sleepers. The beehive-structure is the unique attributes of 100% natural latex mattress and pillows. The top and low ventilation holes can disperse the body heat rapidly. For these reasons, the eco-friendly 100% natural mattress and pillows are needed in order to fulfill the health-conscious users ‘requirements. Thus, we give our complete efforts and attention in 100% natural latex mattress and pillows development for their best quality.

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  • 90/57 Plex Bangna
  • 095-674-0808, 090-978-9653
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About Company

Natural Latex Mattress & Pillow Company Limited aims to provide standardized and the best quality of 100% natural latex mattress and pillows with faithfulness and accountability...... Read details


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